McM-A is a San Francisco based design firm that specializes in both residential and commercial architecture in the San Francisco Bay area. The focus does not place particular emphasis on design style, building type or size, but rather client enthusiasm and the opportunity to enrich lives and enhance the environment. The core of the practice remains as architectural, however, the firm also pursues and continues the design at many levels including interior design, lighting and furniture. We believe in creating a synthesis that allows for an environment to be cohesive, thoughtful and fully connected to its context.

As a small office, we maintain an active and direct relationship and participation with all our projects at each stage of the design and construction process. All projects involve an integrative design approach; an active design collaboration between the architectural team, the client, the builder and technical consultants. The character of each project is defined and realized through solutions that are provided as a result of not just the specific needs of the client but also the conditions of the project site and the challenges of technology, materiality, budget and schedule. The collaborative process allows for a streamlined progression from schematic design documents through construction, delivering a more fully realized end product.

Completed projects include urban and suburban residences, restaurants and cafes, vacation homes and multi-unit residential buildings, office and retail spaces as well as furniture and objects.